There has never been a better time to invest in the stock market. Despite COVID19, it has provided us with the opportunity to invest in the market in the hopes that the market will come out stronger and improve our lives.

The problem is not many people know where to start. More so, there is no one sure way to predict the stock market. While there are many mathematical ways to analyze the market, they can only provide us with some confidence.

Uniquely, the uprising of social media platforms within the COVID19 pandemic may be showing us how peoples’ opinions or feelings on such platforms towards a stock can affect our investment actions. Ahem- Elon Musk's tweet about Signal.


MoniMango is a web application that offers users insight into how the general public feels about a certain stock using sentimental analysis. It takes the top 5 stock tickers and provides data that will help users make more informed decisions providing information about how many people have talked about the stock within the past 24 hours, the general emotions towards the stock, and a recommendation based on the data. Furthermore, users that want to keep up with such stock can subscribe to bi-weekly updates via phone number for the following 30 days. Users can click on a stock card to find out more details including the company overview and a monthly time series of the stock.

How to use it?

1.Go to our website at

2.Enter your details to subscribe to MoniMangoes’ newsletter or skip

3.If you subscribe you’ll receive a message from us!

4.After loading, the top 5 stock ticker results will show up

5.Click on a stock ticker to see more details about it

6.Learn about a company and its current stock prices


1.Users can subscribe to updates by filling a form with their phone number and receive a message

2.Get the top 5 stocks from popular subreddits and how many times they were mentioned, what are people’s feelings, and a recommendation on whether to buy, hold or sell them.

3.Dive deeper into stock and see what their stock prices are as well learn more about who they are

How it works

On the backend, we use the Reddit API to look through the top 300 posts on popular investing subreddits including:

  1. r/stocks

  2. r/investing

  3. r/wallstreetsbests

We then scan the title and text of each post to see if any S&P 500 stocks are mentioned and gather the top 5 most mentioned stock tickers. We use the IBM Watson tone analyzer on the top 5 stock tickers’ posts which gives us the primary tone of people’s feelings toward the stock. All the relevant data from the external API's is processed in our backend using node.js, including the stock ticker itself, how many mentions it received, the tone and recommendation (buy, hold, sell). We used the Chart.js library to create a bar chart and line chart for about a stock’s mentions and prices respectively.

Tech Stack Choices

Frontend React Backend Node.js w/ Express

APIs and Libraries used IBM Watson Tone Analyzer Reddit API Vonage API AlphaVantage API Chart.js Library React Tiger Transitions

We used the Reddit API to get details of top posts and the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer API to take analyze the posts' general tone. The AlphaVantage api is used to gather data on the top 5 stock tickers, allowing users to learn more about a specific stock.

Data (such as how many times a stock is mentioned) is plotted on a bar chart using the chart js library

When users submitted their phone numbers, the Vonage API is used to subscribe them to a bi-weekly texting list.

To top things off we used the React Tiger Transitions library to make smooth slide transitions between pages as we believe the User Experience is important!!!!!

Design Considerations

1.We used orange as our primary color. Orange is often associated with energy, fun, and ambition. We want your experience when making stock market decisions to be just like this!

2.We also used complementary colors (orange and midnight blue, green and red ) to make the design aesthetically pleasing as well as representative of the data we provide.


Besides the technical aspects, effective communication and teamwork were common challenges throughout the virtual hackathon. Fortunately, we were able to address much of this with frequent meetings and discussions regarding our design and software development decisions. General time management was also a challenge as we had to ensure we had a working solution without forgetting to make our video and dev post submissions.

Another challenge was persevering through seemingly never-ending bugs and complications. Luckily, we had each other for encouragement and advice; this project wouldn't have been possible without everyone on the team.

What’s next for MoniMango

We’d love to continue our journey in helping users with their stock market decisions. Our next step includes the following: 1.Allowing users the option to look for the top stocks within a variable or certain time frame

2.Enhancing our messaging feature, building a newsletter

3.Enabling users to search a specific stock ticker

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