Inspiration I am passionate about personal financial education and a lot of my hobby projects, such as this one, reflects that.

What it does Displays loan information and payout info

How we built it: I built it with React. This could have been done a plethora of ways but I really wanted to hone my skills and understand the application power behind React.js. We also wanted to try our hands at Sass vs writing out CSS.

Challenges we ran into I am still fuzzy on the state object within React so it was a challenge to get the divs to show appropriately.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Getting a lot of it done and learning along the way.

What we learned. More about React and Sass as well as how to create custom script commands within our package.json to make development quicker and easier.

What's next for moneyWORTH We plan to Keep on adding to the functionality by adding a feature to download amortization tables with the formulas to give the user the right tools to take control of their debt.

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