After looking around many websites that educated users on financial literacy, I realized that many were targeted towards a more educated audience, and the few that would help children with the basics of finance were a bit too text heavy and not very fun or interactive. So I decided to set our and create a website that's targeted for children to use to learn finance. In addition, I wanted to create an android app to accompany it, so I decided that the android app can be something that a child or an adult could use to manage his or her allowance/salary, savings, and expenses.

How it works - The Website

The website has many interactive features that are well discussed in the video, but to outline some of the important ones:

  1. Nice UI that is designed for kids
  2. Games such as crossword or design a dollar (more to come soon)
  3. Interactive lessons with George (the pig)
  4. Worksheets
  5. Tips and facts that they might be interested in

How it works - The Android App

The android app is designed for a range of individuals. The app is a great way to manage your finance whether you are a child or an adult. Some of the features include:

  1. Very easy and fast to use
  2. Manage income and expense transactions
  3. Filters for transaction search
  4. Daily/monthly/weekly transaction grouping
  5. Info about the latest transactions , balance , and savings on the home page of the app
  6. Notification reminders to manage finance
  7. Create, remove, edit, or add transaction categories
  8. View transaction history
  9. Different themes (working on one for kids)
  10. Different currencies
  11. The app can be password protected with a pattern
  12. Initial savings
  13. Detailed visual analysis of income/expense transactions by category

Also you may have to hit the back button on the device instead of the one on the app, since it may not work. (Still trying to fix it)

Challenges I ran into

Since I'm just a high school student, the app took a lot of time, so I wasn't able to make a theme designed for kids, but I did get the app's functionality finished :D Also there were some annoying bugs that were hard to fix for me. Also the website won't display one of my pictures on my home page, something that I still can fix.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really happy that my website was designed initially like I had planned too. Since I love working with android, I am also happy the my app is functional and can be used to help people of all ages in many places around the world to manage finances. In general, I feel that my website and app are the best work I could put forward with the time given.

What I learned

As a high school student, I found this hackathon to be a great learning experience, I learned how to use Google Cardview and other libraries. I learned a bit more about finance prior to building this app so I can create my best work.

What's next for Moneytor

For the website:

  1. Create more games and finish up building "Catch a Coin"
  2. Add more lessons and quizzes

For the app:

  1. Automatically add recurrent incomes or expenses like salary and bills
  2. Add a theme designed for kids

Note to the Judges

I would like to be considered for the student prize since I am currently a rising junior at Lynbrook. Also I made some small updates to site.

Source code is available on request.

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