What MoneyStream does

  • MoneyStream monetizes virtually any browser session with Bitcoin micropayments using a unique cash based application protocol and a for-profit service provider model.
  • MoneyStream provides an alternative funding model to pay web sites for content. Pay as you go. You only pay for what you use. Without ads. Without subscriptions.
  • MoneyStream pays to remove ads from browser sessions, play games, watch videos or simply rewards content creators by engaging with their content.
  • It's now easy to create monetized platforms. Add one line of HTML code to your web site to start earning bitcoin with MoneyStream. MoneyStream handles all the back end integration to the blockchain.
  • MoneyStream makes it safe to distribute online content to anyone in the world in exchange for cash

Please visit our project web site for additional information: https://moneystreamdev.github.io/moneystream-project/

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