InspirationYou’re finally 18, the future is before you. So many things to buy; A car, a jet ski, a tattoo? So you take the money you have in your savings account, which your parents said was for “emergency purposes only”, and with your newfound freedom, spend it like there’s no tomorrow.

Problem: Financial literacy is becoming more and more important, and teens aren’t educated about it. Teenagers aren’t educated about their finances in today’s education system. Why are we taught the quadratic formula before learning how to file our taxes? Why do we know the exact chemical formula for hand soap and not know how to mortgage our house?

Solution: MoneyScents is a financial literacy app developed by teens, for teens. We offer video lessons, articles, and quizzes that are actually understandable by youths our age. One major selling point our competitors like Deloitte’s Pig eBank don’t offer is our helpful assistant FinBot! FinBot lives on a platform used by virtually all teens: Facebook’s Messenger.

Finbot answers financial questions in real time! Built on Node.js, our intuitive chat system can define key terms, provide step-by-step decision making with buttons, and interactive images to make building your financial future fun and friendly.

In the future: We hope to implement an API from Facebook This allows FinBot to pull keywords from the user’s input to plugs into the answer that is most appropriate. Currently, FinBot's responses are hard-coded.

Possible future features include a user forum where we can build a community that can help people through their financial struggles. We believe that with MoneyScents, we’ll shape today’s teens for the age of tomorrow.

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posted an update

The second iteration of finbot has been released to FB messenger, and will be released formally as an embed in the site this coming August 11th! Look forward to furthering your financial education with it, and developing the literacy you need to succeed financially as an adult in tomorrow's world!

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