Especially in times of crisis, managing money is important

That is why we made MoneyMaster. Learning how to manage money is difficult, especially when money is limited. With MoneyMaster, you not only manage all of your spendings, but also learn the best practices to do so.

While looking at problems present in the world, especially those enhanced by the COVID-19 pandemic, we figured we would try to create a moderate solution to one of these problems. We believe that financial issues were likely the most widespread problem, as many companies laid off people and some people just can’t operate normally anymore, like restaurants. Hence, we decided to make a financial web app to target this problem. A budgeting tool is probably the most standard feature, and we wished to make ours more unique. During this pandemic, it seemed that what people really needed most was cash, as seen from the stimulus checks, so this gave us an idea of an entire section to learning, with making side cash at the forefront. We especially made sure to choose jobs appropriate for a quarantine setting, such as making online courses or ebooks. Challenges were abundant throughout this process. Andrew, Shourya and I are from the same school, and we wished to get another teammate. After picking Girish up from the hths discord, we found that he was sort of unresponsive and we had lots of communication errors — his poor audio didn’t help either. Due to his experience in python, we were inclined to use Django for our webframe, but Shourya, Andrew, and I realized that we simply didn’t know enough of Django or python and the time limit of the hackathon was too short. Combined, we ended up parting ways with Girish, Hence, since the three of us all took AP Computer Science A, we tried to use Vaadin, a java-based web framework. This was definitely a challenge for all of us, as we had never used Vaadin before, and the curriculum covered in AP Computer Science A is relatively limited. Moreover, Andrew and I were beginners to coding. However, due to Shourya’s experience especially in Github, it made the process much simpler as he was able to direct us on tasks. In addition, IntelliJ made the git process much simpler, as they had little buttons for commiting and pulling, along with a terminal window built in. Given more time, we believe that we can turn MoneyMaster into a fully functioning financial tool, and we hope to expand further to include databases on national and state benefits with different filters, along with local employment opportunities.


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