People often seem to have a difficult time managing their money. There is not a time where these kinds of applications will be unneeded. Therefore I would like to try to provide at least a framework for a personal finance managing app.

What it does

Has a login system that connects to the Nessie API to get your bank account. Therefore needs your bank account to be linked to work. The application will then read your name when you register and see if you have a bank account associated with it. If you do not, the application will still work but the majority of the functions will not be of use. If you have a bank account, you can see its name, your customer id, and also the balance on the home page. You can then decide on which items do you want to control your spending or just categorise. A transaction is noted only when there is a change in the account balance. When there is a change, the change is noted and the user will be asked which spending it will be to keep track. All of the login and transaction and account information is stored in a database, so it will be persistent.

How I built it

I first started with a tutorial on a simple flask application, and then building it up by adding models and forms. I did not use any template or boilerplates, although I did need to consult a tutorial to start off. The models are added one by one, attempting to complete one module at a time in order to ensure that everything will work in the end.

Challenges I ran into

I have never developed on the web before, much less flask. I learned all of the code needed for this in this hackathon. Therefore it is still full of bugs and frankly not my best work. It is extremely frustrating as there are very few documentation for the problems I had encountered, and the fact that flask is not as popular as some other solutions out there.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Writing this code. As I had said, I had never written a code of flask or even any web applications before; just webpages. To be able to know that I am able to write this is satisfaction enough.

What I learned

Web development is very hard. Many features we take for granted is a pain to develop for the web. I will not look at web applications the same way I did before ever again.

What's next for MoneyMan

Perhaps I would flesh it out and smooth out the bugs if I find the time to. Oh, and also actually give it a nice CSS and javascript to make it prettier. More features could also be implemented if I only knew more about what the API actually has for me.

One test Account:

username: testAcc2 password: edward

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