MoneyBelt makes payments simple. No more piles of heavy coins in your pocket, no more waiting to make sure the cheque gets cashed, and no more paper receipts to forget in your pocket and wash. To buy something with MoneyBelt you scan the product with your phone and hit pay. That's it. Money will be transferred from your MintChip to the merchant who will then deal out the goods you just bought. Wallets will be a thing of the past, just pay with your phone!

MoneyBelt can also facilitate the exchange of digital products. Merchants will set up stores for digital products and deliver them automatically upon payment. The example we like is buying tickets off of concert posters. With MoneyBelt you could scan the poster, pay for the tickets, and have them delivered to your phone. The secure design of a MintChip transaction also ensures the safe transfer of funds, making MoneyBelt a reliable way to shop over the internet.

Finally, MoneyBelt enables people to re-sell their digital products through a trusted channel. The app keeps track of purchases and can transfer them directly to another users phone on payment. With goods like tickets the old copies can be revoked and new unique goods generated for the purchasing user. This guarantees that multiple copies of the good won't be floating around.

If you have MoneyBelt running on your Android phone feel free to explore our demo store at The QR codes can be scanned after pressing the "Buy" button. Once you have purchased the tickets you can also view your recent purchases and try to sell one of them. You will need another Android phone to make that work!

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