Hello World, after being traveling around the world, learning about other cultures, technologies, countries and markets, and competing in Hackathons I got more knowledge and experience about Innovation and new technologies such as Trade, Fintech and of course being an entrepreneur mades me understand how difficult it's to work in your business and make it growth, get investment and make a company runs successfully it's not easy but with this project I want to help Startups Around the world and connect them in order to they are able to get investment, transfer money from one Startup to another Startup, be able to check the financial management of your own startup and as an Investor check your investment flow, at the same time make buy at any shop with your phone/app.

What it does

Connect Investors and Startups Around the World. (Trade) Access to Startups Financial Management / Investor and Startup (View). Sell / Buy Stocks (Investors) everywhere. Transfer Money, Startup to Startup. Payments / Paid as a user with your phone everywhere.

How we built it

We are working a mobile app for IOS/Android. Backend: Deso Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Solidity Fronted: React API: RestFul MVP with KYC module

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges it was to find the right people for the team, and built our Demo and presentation Deck

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Get something to show, help the world with our brilliant idea.

What we learned

New technologies, share time at this Hackathon get more knowledge about Deso Blockchain, Solana.

What's next for MoneyBeans

Get the support, Investment in order to work in our project and create the app be able to launch it and after running the app be able to connect Investors and Startups around the World.

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