With Covid-19, businesses have been shut down. People are going out less to stores because of the fear of being infected. When you pay by cash you automatically touch hands and spread the virus. When you pay by debit card, you have to touch the pin pad. When you pay by credit card you have to grab the pen and sign the receipt. But with Money Stand, you pay by scanning a QR code, and no contact.

Also, with Covid-19 causing an economic downturn, it's harder to start businesses more than ever. Even the price of a cash register has gone up. But with Money Stand, you just use your phone and pay the processing for the Stripe API, all why having little contact with your customer's hands.

What it does

It allows small businesses to store profile on the app, where they can then enter the customer's orders, and submit it. When that happens, the app then generates a QR code for the customer to scan with their phone.

After that, the customer is sent to a site when they enter their payment information, and voila, payment is complete!

How we built it

We built the app on Flutter because of its cross-platform functionality. For the backend, we used Node.Js, Express.Js, EJS, and MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

Time was the biggest challenge. We could have made it so much better but time wouldn't allow it. Also, We had to download flutter and all other requirements which took a ton of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the sleek design of the app, that was created using the Material UI flutter library. We are proud of the work both of us did in such a small time frame.

What we learned

We learned the importance of time management. We really underestimated the fact that this hackathon was only 24 hours. We could have made it much better, but the time got to us really quickly.

What's next for Money Stand

We are going to improve the app by making it possible for businesses to enter the services and select which ones the customer orders so that it's easier for both sides. We also want to improve the UI, on the payment page to make it more user friendly. It's not as good as we want it to be right now, because of time constraints, but we will definitely be working on this later.

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