Last month when I moved in to a new apartment, we bought some furniture in IKEA, which cost us 4000+ dollars and I paid for that and decided to split in the future. In the same time, one of my other roommate bought some stuff in Costco, while another roommate paid for our rent, and usage for the first month. In order to split that amount of money, we worked for a whole afternoon. This situation made me to think of building an application to automate this process.

What it does

The app can track the money spent with amount, payer, method to split that money (evenly, proportion, or some other way such as split the rent in a special way). It can also save all the bills for the future and calculate automatically how one should pay to another. The bills can save with the photo of the recipe or a memo describing the bill.

How we built it

We built it one iOS with swift.

Challenges we ran into

The swift language and iOS programming is new to our whole group, so we got stuck everywhere. Because of spending too much time on the language itself and dealing with program crashes, we didn’t finish the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of coming up with this idea. By using this app, people who share a lot of bill of others can benefit a lot from the convenience of this app.

What we learned

We learned that we should be familiar with a programming tool before try to start to use it. Next time when we want to build a project, I will definitely learn what we need before time.

What's next for Money Splitter

We will definitely finish the app first. And after that, we’ll add some new features such as adding certain bill like rent payment automatically (maybe once a month) and send message or email notification to person who share the bills to remind them.

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