One of our key weakness as a people is our inability to quantify how much saving money can change our lives. In order to help people better comprehend how much saving a few dollars per month can affect their lives we set out to create an application that would let them see how much further their dollar can take them.

What it does

Our app allows people to visualize their savings by allowing them to input their individual deposits or income flow and showing how saving that amount will grow in a set amount of years. Once the user submits their deposit, how often it is transferred, and how many years in the future they would like to visualize we display their total savings as a trail of money on the ground which they can then follow to see how far their money will take them.

How we built it

Our group used a variety of technologies specifically ARCore as our framework to developed an AR enabled android application. Unlike most Drag and Drop solutions ARCore is fairly low level, to the points where we were manually calculating projection matrices to display what would be 3 dimensional objects on our 2d screens. It was through this use of math and some user provided info we can display an Augmented View of someones income/savings.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately due to the restriction of the Android OS we needed to use fairly low level frameworks to develop an Augmented view. It was because of this constraint our group exceeded even our own expectations in knowledge gained and obstacles overcame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In under 24 hours we were able to build an augmented view. None of the members of our group had any experience in this topic and to look back at what we've accomplished over the past day is an achievement in itself.

What we learned

As previously stated, none of the members of our group had any real experience with augmented reality tool-kits and frameworks. We've learned a lot over the past 24 hours and we will most definitely use this experience for the better in the future.

What's next for Money Moves

Obviously a 24 hour time constraint isn't enough for everyone to accomplish every single one of the ideas they had at the beginning. With that being said there is room for expansion in asset selection and visualization of what your money means when quantified as everyday items. For example hamburgers, milkshakes, or even candy...

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