As many times crowdfunding programs turn out to be a scam. So, to prevent that from happening and maintain full transparency of how the funds are used in a full decentralized manner.

What it does

Money money list all the crowdfunding campaign Going around the world which is registered in the Web app In a full decentralized manner.

  1. The Web app shows the trending ideas which have got more likes
  2. New ideas section shows all the newly found campaigns
  3. My contribution tab shows all the campaigns that you have contributed into
  4. New campaign allows the user to start a new crowdfunding campaign for their idea
  5. My campaign list all the campaigns started by the user on that particular account address

How does it prevent scam

So when a user contributes to any idea, he actually sees all the work done by that idea, and the owner of that campaign actually puts the request to withdraw the contributed amount with the specified reason which the user can approve or disapprove. so are depending upon the approval ratio then only the money is actually gets credited into the owner's account. And this feature of approving your money to get credited into idea's owner and also knowing the reason why it is being used actually lets the user know about how their money is being used and if there seems any fishy thing happening they could actually disapprove the withdrawal request of the owner and the money is safe.

How we built it

We have used next.js for front end and tailwind CSS for the design and for smart contact we have used solidity language and we have used infura IPFS for storing of the images in blockchain

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part was working with ether.js in the front end as we don't have experience much with it and sing it for doing all the smart contract transactions and getting all the data from the blockchain also using infura IPFS for the storing of the images and integrating all of them to make the Web application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we were able to integrate all the front end and the blockchain by using different technologies like next.js infura IPFS, ether.js, and tailwind to make a crowdfunding Web application that enables users to Fund projects they like and also to stop the funds if there seems unusual activity of their funds.

What we learned

we learned the art of problem-solving through technology and enabling users to Interact with blockchain in the simplest manner with our Web application. Learn many new things about blockchain space how IPFS works and also how to integrate blockchain with our crowdfunding application.

Built With

  • infura
  • ipfs
  • next.js
  • solodity
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