Tinder is one of the top global app, why? Maybe people like to see others or talk to them and find true love. So why not make something tinderish, but with money! Everyone wants to make get rich, everyone is also scared about getting scammed, so here is where Money Match comes along.

What it does

It's a simple idea of p2p borrowing and lending made simpler. The only thing I changed about borrowing and lending is everything. It gives you two option, create a borrower or investor. Investors can directly register and go to a page where they can see offers and invest on them. Borrower needs to add a bit more information so we can validate them by using their picture and ID and then allowing them to start borrowing. Money is moved directly from the lender to receiver, Money Match just keeps track and connects them together. If there is a agreement on investment, investor receives information about borrower so then can keep in touch regarding money, it's more open in terms of borrowing and lending. You never know people might find love through the application as well!

How I built it

Built it with love from scratch in junction.With pen and paper I made the SQL map and got ideas and started coding! Using JS,JQuery, Knockout.js for frontend and codeigniter framework and mysql for backend.

Challenges I ran into

Since I am trying to code it by myself my ideas kept changing so different things were getting implemented and also it was hard to find the flow of the whole app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made the app as I wanted.

What I learned

Don't overestimate yourself about making a app just by yourself, get a team!

What's next for Money Match

Will see if the idea is actually worth the shot by the judges, if it is, will try to find partners to move forward , or investors who can help in making the app a success, maybe even start a company. Since I created it as a web app I am confident that if this would be a cellphone app it would hit the markets like a wildfire.


Did not have time to put it on a server, but please do come to check it out! Fintech Track!

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