Inspiration: Our inspiration were ourselves. We have trouble keeping track of money and reaching our goal. Also, this skill helps kids become more responsible with their money and not wasting it.

What it does: Our skill, Money Manager, serves as a similarity to a bank account where the user can deposit money, withdraw money, check their current balance, and quit the skill.

How We built it: We, step by step, looked through the process of a banking system and how to replicate it. Through many trial and errors, we finally came to a final program that worked well.

Challenges We ran into: When testing on, a parent's consent was needed. We were able to use an echo dot and give permission so that we could test.

Accomplishments that We are proud of: We were able to overcome challenges that we faced such as the parent's consent.

What We learned: We learned that teamwork is very important in this kind of situation because two ideas may contribute to one as a whole, so the more ideas, the better.

What's next for Money Manager: We are planning to expand Money Manager for not only kids, but parents so that our skill is not limited.

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