It is common for the college students that when ever they come into shop in groups to eat or buy stuff, a common person makes the payment for the complete group. Now after a few he days the payer forgets how much money he needs to receive from whom and then it becomes a mess. My web app tackles this everyday problem of college students.

What it does

It has 2 key features :-
You have two sections in your dashboard
1) You need to pay to
2) You need to receive from
You can add the payment amount, from whom and for what reason and it will render on your dashboard as well as the dashboard of the person who needs to pay to you. This way if you forget anything you can open up money manager and get all the details.
Split bill in groups - If you have made a payment for a large group, just go to split bill section enter all the usernames of the people you payed for and the amount will be split and appear in everyone's dashboard.

How I built it

The front-end is built using html, css , vanilla javascript I have used bootstrap framework for styling the website The back-end is created on node.js. The database used for storing all the properties for each user is mongodb

Challenges I ran into

I didn't know how to store data, because I had never used databases. So I had to learn all the operation of mongodb database in short time which was quite challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that even if I didn't know how to use mongodb data base before the hackathon, I learnt it from scratch and was able to create a fully functional web app which will help me to tackle one of the problem which I face in my college.

What I learned

I learnt the use mongodb database. I learnt how to query elements in a database, how to bring changes into them using CRUD operations in mongodb. I also learnt how to host a web app into heroku.

What's next for Money Manager

I will be adding more features according to the other problems which I face, like non-equal splitting in a group. I will also be adding a special feature for trips where you can start a trip and all the payments made during the trips can handled there and when the trip payment is settled amongst the group, you can archive it.

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