I made this so that I can send it to my friends that are irresponsible with money. Basically telling them that they are puttin money down the drain.

What it does

There is a drain, a wallet, and some money (you specify the amount of money). You Drag the money into the drain, one by one.

How I built it

I scrapped the project I was working on originally after over 24 hours of working on the project. This application was built with sadness and caffeine. Used some html and pure js

Challenges I ran into

Html5 canvas is more infuriating to work with than I had thought.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished this app in a few hours and got some sleep.

What I learned

Pick a project next time that you know that you can finish on time.

What's next for Money down the drain

Make it responsive and able to work on mobile, although html canvas seems to be a nightmare when making it responsive. I could also add other country currencies, such as the Zimbabwe dollar.

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