** Financial problems for students **

  • £5.8 billion needed from Bank of Mum and Dad in the UK each year
  • 89% of students feel confident managing their finances.
  • However, more than half of students use their maintenance loan before the end of term.
  • Initial UK market of 2.28 million students
  • 1 out of 10 students will spend £2,700 in the first fortnight of term!

What it does

It connects up to a student's Monzo account and gets all their financial transactions and balance data. It then shows how much money they have their account. Additionally, it shows their recent transactions in a very easy to understand, categories way. This enables the student to understand their spending habits in a concise manner.


How we built it

MoneyBuddy is a web based VIRTUAL REALITY application which runs from within the web browser. It works on all modern desktop and mobile web browsers.

The VR world is built using the A framework inspired by Ada Rose Edwards. Each of the components including the coins, floating signs and the graphs are manually drawn using the polygons. We built the engine for drawing the graphs and the coins. The objects in the virtual reality world are built using various A-framework polygons attached together to form complex structures.

Challenges we ran into

  • Drawing components, complex structures and graphs in VR using very basic polygons.
  • Performance to rendering web based virtual reality when there are too many polygons on the screen.
  • Authenticating using JWT.
  • Using the A-Framework to draw shapes in VR and making them look realistic.
  • Integrating all sub-systems together to create the entire project.
  • Lack of documentation as this is very new.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Using the A-Framework
  • Create a web based virtual reality application
  • Use the Monzo API and get transaction and balance data
  • Be able to use the app in GearVR

What we learned

  • Attaching basic polygons to form complex structures.
  • Work with the A-Framework.
  • Working with the Monzo API.
  • Authorisation via Bearer tokens (Javascript web tokens)

What's next for Money Buddy VR

  • Integrate live data to show transactions in real-time.
  • Improve performance.
  • Use machine learning to help students budget.
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