Personal finance simulators often only finance on what to do. What we decided to do was make one on exactly what not to do.

What it does

It's a personal finance simulator with only terrible options. That's a nice bank account you got there, but looks like it's getting a bit low. How about a payday loan? No? How about dropping a bunch of money into some random, untested crypto? Some random stocks on Robinhood?

This simulator takes the user through a financial simulation day-by-day as they try to minimize the impact of their terrible decisions. The ultimate point, of course, is to show how terrible these ideas are, even if they seem somewhat valid at the time.

How we built it

React, D3.js, and a whole lotta CSS.

Challenges we ran into

CSS. All of it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned


What's next for Money 404

~CSS.~ Links to trusted articles and resources about terrible financial strategies.

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