Despite the continued growth in the prevalence of dementia, there continues to be a dearth of tools available to help patients cope with their diagnosis. Specifically at an early stage of the disease, when patients are still able to develop coping strategies to manage challenges such as memory loss, many patients have resorted to using non-optimized organizational applications (including native calendar and to-do-list applications) to meet their unique needs. As the adoption of technology becomes more and more pervasive, especially in the older populations, there continues to be a growing need for technology solutions to help fill this gap in care.

What it does

Moneta is a personal assistant web application specifically designed to help patients with dementia manage their daily challenges with memory loss.

Key Features for Users

  • Schedule - set a daily routine, including unique user-driven tasks and those auto-populated based on personal and health information; view daily and monthly schedules to keep your life organized
  • Complete - set reminders and mark tasks for completion to ensure that all activities started are completed appropriately; option to notify caregivers when important tasks have not yet completed
  • Connect - build profiles to record personal information about family members and other important individuals; option to grant specific access to family members or other members in the circle of care
  • Manage - take charge of your medical care, storing up-to-date medication records and using built in reminders to make sure you attend appointments and take medications on time
  • Key Features for Caregivers

  • Assist - caregivers can schedule specific tasks on behalf of the user, such as reminders for family dinners or important doctor’s appointments
  • Adapt - caregivers can adjust their level of intervention depending on where their loved one is in the disease progression
  • Important Next Steps

  • Application Completion - flush out our current prototype to develop a fully-functioning ready-for-market application!
  • End-User Testing - work directly with newly diagnosed dementia patients to identify key areas of strength and opportunities for improvement and streamlining
  • Pilot and Research Study - work with community Geriatricians and Care of the Elderly Physicians to identify ideal candidates for participation in clinical research, using evidence-based protocols, to establish and quantify the effectiveness of the application
  • Multi-Platform Development - expand our application to iOS and Android platforms to maximize adoption from end-users
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