Scripting is all about simplicity and flexibility providing a truly low-code experience. Allowing anyone to automate and build uniquely specific apps, that fulfill their need. It's like using a macro, but way more powerful. Each project is different and it's very hard to build a UI that covers all the needs. Scripting isn't a replacement to the Monday SDK, it targets the simple unique apps (scripts) that wouldn't be built without it.


Personalized examples: These examples are based on your own account and board data. You can run the examples and see the result with a click of a button.
Personalized autocomplete: Just like the examples when writing your app you'll get suggestions from your own data.
Simplified interactions: Almost every coding introduction start by console. Scripting apps are just a fancier console. input, output. Creating a table? output.table(items). Wanna ask a user for text input.text("What's your name?"). There're many more options you can even output HTML if you want to.
Simplified Monday API: Monday API uses GraphQL which is awesome for customization but it can get out of hand when doing simple requests. Scripting comes with a simplified API. Creating an item? board.createItem. Want to get a user by their email? monday.getUser(""). You can also use the GraphQL if you want to.
Powerful code editor: This is the exact editor that's used by the popular VSCode. Which is the best (I'm biased but it's really cool). You don't need compromise anything by coding in the browser.

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