Inspiration has helped make task management a more streamlined process than ever before. While the current model has us working like a well-oiled machine, what we felt was missing was the ability to create an emotional connection, something that could motivate the troops and generate positivity within the company. After all, we work hard to get shit done! So why not be proud of our efforts and results?! We want to celebrate victories and embrace teamwork. Monday Moments enables the sharing of significant workplace events through the use of pictures, video, and other visualizations. The goal is to give employees and employers a fun, easy-to-use social tool that will be a key factor in elevating morale and creating a sense of kinship within the company.

What it does

Monday Moments enables the sharing of significant experiences & events at work through the use of pictures, video, and other visualizations. With a few clicks, you can post your moment and see what other team members have shared, which can strengthen relationships and improve teamwork.

How we built it

We built the app with the React framework. The app storage is handled by Monday Storage API.

Challenges we ran into

Fetching the uploaded assets and associating them with the related users. Maintaining the storage API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developed an application in a short period of time and enriched our knowledge in the React framework. Most of all, we are proud that we found an easy & cool way to engage and motivate team members via moment sharing.

What we learned

Although it was challenging, we've learned that when a platform's interface is accessible, it makes adding to that foundation relatively simple as well. We learned that building something as a team and for the team has strengthened our relationships.

What's next for Monday Moments

Adding new features such as:

  • Highlights (saved moments, more than 24h)
  • Adding stickers & text to moments
  • Replying to moments
  • Moment “seen” indications
  • "Who has seen my moment" list

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