We came up with Monare when myself and a group of friends tried to organise a trip to Thorpe Park and my friend Abraham wanted us to send him the money from 20 different people so that the entrance tickets would be lower but however no one trusted him with £400 so the trip never happened also due to the fact that everyone had poor organisation skills.

What it does

Monare allows groups of friends to efficiently events by sharing money into virtual pots whilst still getting the social aspect by using our messenger service. It works by:

-Let’s imagine Rachel is going to the South of France with her mates and uses Monare to efficient organise it. -She and her friends will have the option of entering multiple Bank providers so she can send money to her Pots. -She can then easily add her friends through their emails and they will have to state how much the journey is going to cost overall. -They then have to set a time limit to organise the event or the money will be returned back to the members. -You can message members to remind them to pay for their event. Rachel can only take out the money if all the members agrees to it and the money will go to the company she wants to pay, e.g. the airline company. Rachel and her friends can use Monare Recommendations to get amazing and relevant deals and content from Businesses we will form relationships with. -Rachel can share money with her friends by first putting in her fingerprints to enter her pin and tap the phone she wants to send the money to.

How I built it

We built it by using Swift 3.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into were not having enough time to make Monare as it is a fintech app and highly challenging especially we got 2 developers in our team. So therefore, we tried our best to produce a prototype which will at least show how Monare works.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that even though we started off shaky, my team didn't give up and we worked through the night to make sure the prototype was finished so we can able to finish it off. Also, I'm also proud to say that my team and I will carry on working with Monare after the Techcrunch Hackathon.

What I learned

I have learnt that even if the times are tough you shouldn't give up and always show and have fun. This can be seen in the fact that my team mates and myself wanted to give up but we didn't as only losers quit and I know for sure we would have regretted in a couple of months time.

What's next for Monare

After this hackathon, we have decided to continue working on Monare and make a MVP as soon as possible to a group of beta users so therefore we can find ways on how to improve Monare to make sure it is successful in the market.

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