WE BELIEVED THAT Virtual reality held the most potential to be used in earthack becuase virtual reality offers a variety of outlets of expression

What it does

Our project closely simulates Monarch butterflies and their migratory patterns and maps out the info in a heat map of the denisty of the material.

How we built it

How we built it, we had previous (varying) experiences with Unity and due to the level at which we were at, decided to use Unity which simplified the overly hard graphics/physics one would usually have to care for.

Challenges we ran into

After hours of research and planning our initial idea involving the Oculus Rift, we were unable to deploy any builds due to insuffecient hardware compatibilty. The bluetooth controller from our initial build idea failed to be compatible with other parts of the build. One of our team members suffered an allergic reaction and had to go home.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have learned Unity5.6 over the course of 12 hours and to have implemented our new found knowledge into a virtual reality environment.

What we learned

Due to this project being a first ever development of a virtual reality app, we struggled quite a bit to get used to the way unity handled the project. Furthermore, out inexperience led to us preventing each other from properly integrating our ideas into the VR app due to clashing commits and assumptions of solutions.

What's next for Monarch

What is next for Monarch is to better simulate the Monarch butterflies and simulate their lives. Focus more on the educational quality and values it presents then the graphics and extra features (which would still be updated just not focused on).

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