We upload our data to companies that help us with our cloud storage needs every day (AWS, Dropbox, Google, Apple, etc.). These services are incredibly convenient and usually work well, but growing security and data privacy concerns, as well as the costs associated with these services, have lead others to think about alternatives to centralized cloud storage. In response, we built an experimental project called WhiteShare that we believe showcases how an alternative cloud storage system can address some of the shortcomings in centralized storage systems.

What it does

In our app you can store files on IPFS network using AVAX as payment value.

How I built it

Firstly we've constructed the architecture of the project. Then followed simple steps to create finish our project in time.

Challenges I ran into

From the start we were thinking about implementing our own version of IPFS so we can implement NAT traversal, however because of time we didn't finish it in time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We've successfully created a storage(to link) system and implemented Biconomy in our system

What I learned

Mostly how p2p system works and hash tables infrastructure.

What's next for WhiteShare

Create Implementation of our own Decentralized Hash Table(Kademilia DHT) then implement additional useful features to our app

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