An app that allows you to change all the ways you communicate with your bank into instant-messaging text based messages. Mon€yTalk$ helps the user get the information he needs whenever he wants it, either with an auto-generated answer for general questions or with the help of a CSR/ the qualified banking personnel.

The service of "chatting with your bank" already exists ("Leumi Chat"), but sadly it is very rarely used. After a small amount of research, it seems to be that most users are reluctant from using this service because it is very inaccessible. To fix that, we have decided to take that service into one of today's most popular social medias (i.e. - Whatsaap) and make the service available there.

In other words, we are aiming to destroy the concept of "waiting in line" for a representative on the phone or in the bank - you could ask questions and go on with your day-to-day business while you're awaiting an answer.

The target user of the Mon€yTalk$ app is... everyone: anyone that has a question or wants to do specific actions in their own account could do so (after identifying he really is the account owner by giving the system information only he could know, like his ID number and the last four digits on his credit cards)- from doing small private transactions to commercing in bonds using the help of an investment advisor.

Using Mon€yTalk$ people can do anything they have done in the past on the web and on the phone, efficiently and without interrupting any other plan they had for that day.

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