During the pandemic lockdown, I realized how hard my mom was working to keep everything around the house on track, what with my little sisters' online classes, meals, house clean up, groceries, while managing her own job at a private school. We became so reliant on her, given our new at-home routines for our daily lives to function, that I felt bad for not being able to help out enough. And house workers just seemed like yet another thing to manage. It got me to thinking that other moms must also have similar workloads, what with all the prevalent "housewife" concept in the sub continent. So I thought that there is a need for educated workers who can be depended upon to outsource simple tasks around the house to decrease the workloads.

What it does

It allows moms to look up people with verified backgrounds, set up interviews, and match themselves with workers best suited for what they need done. This could depend on what kind of tasks they want done e.g. helping out with homwork. They can set up contracts, schedule, and give detailed chores for MomSupport teams to do and even observe how to do it when they are in trial. All within an app!

How we built it

With Android Studio

Challenges we ran into

There wasn't a lot of time to prepare the UI for the workflow of a MomSupport member. But given a week, that could easily be accomplished

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for MomSupport

Usability Studies and deployment of city-scale services of the app

Built With

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