The MOMS was inspired by our inability and lack of motivation to wake up on time for or classes.

What it does

MOMS helps you keep track of your sleep and ensures you get a proper rest.

How we built it

To build MOMS, we used an Arduino Uno, and programmed it to take inputs from two buttons, one that would allow to specify the number of hours you'd like to sleep for, and the other which allows you to start the count of how many hours you've slept.

Challenges we ran into

Neither my partner nor I had ever used an Arduino before and spent the entire time learning how to use and code every single component.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are both proud to be able to say we finished our project and are able to present something that resembles what we set out to make.

What we learned

We learned SO MUCH by participating in this competition, we learned how to use a breadboard, wire electronic components, create bmp images to send to an OLED display, and code in the Arduino environment.

What's next for MOMS

Connectivity with your smart phone to send you texts at night asking when you're going to be home, and making dinner for you at night even though you don't really like meat loaf.

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