We initially discussed going for an early 2000s theme, because that's when we grew up. Our first thought was "Moms Against Silly-Bands", which were a nation-wide craze when we were in elementary school. However, we decided we wanted to go with a 1980s theme because it was such an influential decade culturally. The idea was that we would make a website that looks like it could possibly be from the 1980s, but with modern convenience features like images and audio. While brainstorming ideas, Gabe mentioned that Return of the Jedi released in the early 1980s. Being Star Wars fans, we immediately started running with ideas for a Return of the Jedi website. "Moms Against Silly-Bands" was still fresh in my mind, so Jacob proposed "Moms Against Ewoks", a parody website which would claim that Ewoks are a Satanic marketing ploy. This idea was inspired by the moral panics of the 1980s, which often revolved around the Cold War and religion.

What it does

Moms Against Ewoks is a website that allows viewers to navigate the different pages and view the content included on them. It includes features such as embedded audio, a short quiz, images, and a somewhat ugly but charming 80's theme.

How we built it

We used GitHub to collaborate on the project, and stayed in a Discord call together while we were working, communicating very frequently to avoid any merging issues.

Challenges we ran into

The largest challenge that we faced was getting our ReactJS links to work on GitHub Pages. There are a lot of tutorials for this on the internet, but most of them did not work for us. Eventually we found a fix that was highly praised, and worked perfectly for us. The fix that we found is in the "gh-pages" branch of the repo, titled 404.html. This piece of code was not written by us. It's a very clever and popular fix for getting ReactJS navigation to work on GitHub Pages, the basic concept is that it creates a custom 404 error page that reloads the page into the page that the user was attempting to navigate to.

A large challenge that Jacob became obsessed with solving was how to implement the fake advertisements so that they coexist with the content of the website. It was nigh impossible to find any 1980's ads that would fit a modern ad's dimensions, so the formatting was done on an image-by-image basis. The largest hurdle for Jacob was getting the longer ad images to be next to the page's content. This was solved by using the inline-block display, and tinkering with the size of the content divs and the advertisement divs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We (humbly) believe that the "Proof" page is fairly funny, and we are proud of that idea and its execution.

We are also proud of the aesthetic that we reached with the webpage, which we believe to be user-friendly and filled with references to the 1980s.

Gabe's most proud accomplishment as an individual is finally figuring out how to get the ReactJS routes to work on GitHub Pages.

Jacob's most proud accomplishment as an individual is the writing on the webpages. He is very satisfied with the cultural references and tongue-in-cheek humor.

What we learned

We both learned a lot about ReactJS, html, and css. We both had used them all before, but realized that we had barely scratched the surface of it, and still have much more to learn.

What's next for Moms Against Ewoks

We would love to eventually make a humorous YouTube channel with similar content. It would also be interesting to try and add a backend to the website to allow for comments and user accounts. We would have to find a way of hosting it though, of course.

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