Having a child can be an exciting and special experience; however, many women struggle to cope with confusion and emotional distress. A clinical study shows that up to 33 percent of women experience depression and an anxiety disorder at some point of during pregnancy [source:]. Our project, Momify, aims to help these women be prepared, educated, and well-cared for their birth by providing helpful information based on their pregnancy stage and encouraging support from loved ones. Momify stands for "transforming women into prepared mothers".

What it does

Momify is a mobile application to educate and prepare pregnant women by providing weekly goals or challenges, similar to To-Do's, which are focused on health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, and relationships. These goals also explain why their participation benefit both themselves and their babies. The main target user groups of Momify are pregnant women, but Momify becomes more enjoyable when the users participate with their partners, who may be spouses and loved ones. The pregnant women and the partners join a supportive competition to gain points based on completing suggested goals that benefit each other.

How we built it

With Sketch and Principle, we designed wireframes, interactive prototypes, and video mockups. With those prototypes, we developed iOS application using Swift. We chose to develop an iOS application because smartphones are a great resource for people to organize their to-do lists, and receive the information they need very easily. We developed in Swift for iOS 11, compatible with a range of iOS devices and iPads. We wanted the design to be clean, functional, extremely organized, and easy to use. Our goal was to bring moms and their partners together in the preparation of having a baby as their lifestyles are changing and lots needs to get done. The design and implementation of our application reflects that goal, and we hope would be seamlessly integrated into an expecting mother's life.

Challenges we ran into

Our team initally struggled with finding an unique idea since many innovative ideas were already in the market or in development process. Also, although we believed a mobile application would be the right platform, the team members lacked adequate experience with iOS developement and back-end integration using Firebase. Due to delayed brainstorming session and technical difficulties, our progress was hindered significantly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the most proud achievements we have made was our creative idea. Our market research showed that, although there existed many chatbots or pregnancy tracker application, there was not any product that made pregancy as a self-motivative that allow women to achieve both internal and maternal growth. We believe that Momify is truly unique and extraordinary app that could enhance the experience of pregnancy by replacing confusing and agonizing preparation steps into motivation and beneficial challenges.

What we learned

Our team had four people with different backgrounds - design, front-end, back-end, and hardware. As we collaborated, we gain new domain of knowledge, and learned to collaborate with individuals with different roles.

What's next for Momify

We want Momify to continuously be developed even after the Hackathon. We want to implement various different tools including due date calculator and calendar, integrate artificial intelligence to make the goals even more personal and relevant to the users, and allow the users to discover necessary resources and equipments after their births.

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