Turn any sports moment in human history into a collectible coin for fans.


Olympic season may be over - we cheered for Sean White when he got the gold medal, but we want a piece of action too. We decided to built a crypto-collectible specifically for promoting fan engagement within various sports organization. The liquid platform offers an ideal solution for allowing organizations to create, distribute and authenticate their own digital assets much like a digital baseball card. Unlike baseball cards, the collectibles can be easily authenticated and reliably used by organizations for issuing rewards, special access, voting rights or other promotions to asset holders. Additionally, our digital assets are easy to interact with over social media.

What it does

Athletes win medals, games, touchdowns, and fans can get crypto collectibles that are backed by those medals, games, touchdowns. MomentX enables users to create and trade collectible tokens that celebrate these events.

Beyond bitcoin_rpc, we use the elements framework to issue and manage new collectible assets.

How we built it

We enable our users to create custom assets for events. Share them, and celebrate their collection on the MomentX platform.

We generated digital assets using the Elements code tutorial - Python web application example using Flask which can be found here: We then attached our digital asset tokens to our digital collectible UI built with react. For our example, we used our asset to commemorate Shaun Whites 3rd Olympic gold medal and grant the holder access to a video of his final run.



  • Follow the guide here, and make the following elements commands available to the server:
    alias e1-dae="$HOME/elements/src/elementsd -datadir=$HOME/elementsdir1"
    alias e1-cli="$HOME/elements/src/elements-cli -datadir=$HOME/elementsdir1"
    alias e2-dae="$HOME/elements/src/elementsd -datadir=$HOME/elementsdir2"
    alias e2-cli="$HOME/elements/src/elements-cli -datadir=$HOME/elementsdir2"
    alias e1-qt="$HOME/elements/src/qt/elements-qt -datadir=$HOME/elementsdir1"
    alias e2-qt="$HOME/elements/src/qt/elements-qt -datadir=$HOME/elementsdir2"

For testing, requires running a local bitcoin node locally via ./bitcoind -regtest -daemon, where the backend server should be running on the same instance.

The server works by running commands via the blockstream elements CLI against the local bitcoin daemon - creating new tokens, querying balances, and allowing users to trade as desired.

Main Endpoints:

  1. Create collectible token (/create): Create a new collectible/asset using the liquid network
  2. Get balances (/balances): Get Assets balances for the posted RPC end user
  3. Trade collectible token (/trade): Trade a collectible asset between two addresses

Challenges we ran into

  • Learning and applying all the bitcoin RPC calls through the back end.
  • Connecting a flask server instance to a bitcoin node.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build our first Liquid app.

What we learned

BitcoinRPC Running a local bitcoin node.

What's next for MomentX

We are gonna go approach all the major league such as NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and European soccer leagues to build out MomentX for everyone. We'd love for the opportunity to go out and win the Bitcoin Games by making collectibles shareable by anyone.

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