We wanted to enable people to share the emotion and experience of "the moment" and pin these in real world places.

How it works

A user pins a 'moment' (a short message/photo/video/soundbite) to a location. It can only be unlocked by another user when they find the same object with their camera as matched by a selected Clarifai image description tag.

Challenges I ran into

The Clarifai API doesn't provide an SDK method in javascript for uploading an image to their server (only for using a URL). It also returned incorrect and incomplete error descriptions - at the moment I am getting 411 Content Length required but I am providing this so I assume it is because the image needs to be smaller. Further the cordova image resize plugins are not working and give no error description.

With only one developer able to work on this code, and without any experience working with Android or Cordova, there was not enough time for us to get the application working fully.

However we have specified exactly what we need to do and can do this given more time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Team work and the user experience that we achieved.

What I learned

The couch upstairs is not confortable to sleep on. And also amazing food.

What's next for MOMENTUS

In its finished form we will use augmented reality with WIkitude to display the moments seamlessly in their environment. It will be a way for people to communicate through space and time by leaving hidden messages around real life places.

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