Momentum was inspired by our careers in enterprise sales. It is difficult to juggle hundreds of customer requests, internal emails, and tons of different tools. We wanted to create something that fits in with how sales people work, removes friction from their daily processes, and helps them advance their customer relationships.

Our target user is a sales person who is on the go.

Our core features...

  • Full sales featured Email client built directly inside of Salesforce1, no app installation even necessary
  • Email Inbox is PRIORITIZED using your salesforce data.
    • Automatic filters to show only customer related emails (no internal or promotional email)
    • Priority scores assigned to emails based on Salesforce data via ranking algorithm
    • Ranking weight assigned to emails containing words associated with sales requests. ie 'please', 'send me', etc.
    • Answers the question of "What is the most important thing I can do right now!"
  • Salesforce team and personal email templates available for use on mobile device
  • Automatically log emails sent to customers and prospects
  • Contextual salesforce data available alongside emails

We are proud of using our sales background to create an application we believe will provide real value for sales reps everywhere using Salesforce

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