Sometimes, there are experiences that can't be properly expressed or experienced through a simple status update, tweet, or snapchat. Social media has become just about as far from social as possible - we have hundreds of "friends" on Facebook we barely know, Twitter followers who we've never talked to. Social interactions have never been so superficial and meaningless.

We at Moments want to change that. By creating events, or Moments, that happen RIGHT NOW, and are time and proximity-limited, we create situations where users MUST be RIGHT THERE, experiencing the Moment with everyone else. We want to promote interactions between users, rewarding them for contributing comments or photos, and promote them to host and create their own meaningful, enjoyable events.

But Moments is by no mean a competitor to what is now known as traditional methods of social media. As we integrate further with existing social media platforms, Moments is there to make social media truly social, once again.

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