Want to remember each day of your life? Use Gear 2 everyday?

Moments: Day of Life - automatic video diary every day of your life with camera video (from smartwatch).

**** App includes features that the Gear S doesn't support (such as the camera function) you will not be penalized for not supporting the Gear S device (challenge rules).

What? Moments records 4 seconds video every hour during a day of your life using a camera in your smartwatch and at the end of a day it produces a one minute video about your life today. Automatically. without your help or actions.

Why? It is a new generation of wear apps for daily use. It is a modern and invisible way to remember each day and live it through again with the help of wear technologies – your smartphone and smartwatch.

How? Install the application on your Samsung Galaxy S5 / Galaxy Note 3/4 and Gear 2, choose a required mode and make a collection of videos about every day of your life.

It’s so easy.

NEW Features (Round 2 update):

  • Add your favorite music for Moments.

  • Make automatic monthly video.

  • Create diary of your adventures.

  • Share them with friends on Facebook or YouTube.

  • Watch your friends’ or other people’s videos.

  • Selfie Mode.

***Coming soon: Picture calendar – make up a poster of your day. More possibilities to share, comment and discuss moments of other people.

Mission? Moments created for smartwatch and inconvenient for use on the smartphone or tablet. Gear 2 is always with you and they will help you to keep the moments of your life in the form of daily video.

Summary: We believe that wear devices such as smartwatch could help to create a new insight into our daily life, Moments: Day of Life being an excellent example.

Remember each Day of your life. With your Gear 2 device.

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