• Challenge we have: In past years, we are using a lot of service to store our data, online cloud space, photo service, etc. And also there a lot of Apps which allows the user to have some way to use the data. However, there is no way to collect all the data together and utilize them easily. Data privacy and sharing is also a critical problem now.

  • Solution with Bitcasa Here we are trying to have a creative way to utilize the powerful feature of Bitcasa to collect the data together and have a way to organize the mass data in a innovative way for user. All the data stored and shared are in a way with high privacy protected. Now we are trying to use the Photos as example first.

  • Apps we created

  • Photo Migrator: It is a backend service which could be used to migrate photos from services such as Flickr onto Bitcasa. It could be expanded to migrate any kind of files.

  1. Moments: This app is one example that makes use of the Bitcasa platform. With more and more advanced and powerful digital cameras, it is easier and easier to take a lot of photos today. Over time it becomes very hard to manage the huge number of photos accumulated. The purpose of our Android app is to address that pain and provide the user with a smooth experience to easily manage the photos and videos, by when and where they are taken. Users could browse the photos and videos either chronologically on a calendar or geographically on a map. Also an important feature of this app is to allow users to share their photos and videos within a private circle.
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