Changing dynamics of travel industry and consumer behaviour. Some personal experiences/pain while traveling.

What it does

Enables travel agents to offer rich experiences such as concerts shows, conferences and more, beyond the usual itineraries, offers direct recommendations to travellers too.

How we built it

  • Integrated the event publisher api with decision support bar and triggered the Trip Case API for end to end flow of a booked event.

Challenges we ran into

  • Integrating the the API with decision support bar
  • Interactivity on the decision support bar
  • integrating tripcase API, documentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to use the Red Workspace decision support bar and integrate with event publisher (eventbrite) and show the end to end booking experience .

What we learned

  • Whole spectrum of a travel industry: both business and travelers
  • Research articles and publications.
  • Insights on changing scenes: technology, customer behaviour, app economy and user expectations.

In summary, This Hackathon opened our eyes to the various possibilities and opportunities in the travel industry and how the APIs from Sabre and its partners allow innovations to become reality in no time. We could also learn a great deal about Sabre as a company (in fact we were surprised to know that Sabre was the first one to come up with online airline ticket booking decades back!). Its blogs and whitepapers are awesome.

What's next for Moments

  • Personalisation
  • Customer 360 View
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Smart upsell feature

Overall, it would be to create a seamless experience for bleisure travellers - proactive trip details and other tailored services as part of this bleisure lifestyle rather than just an itinerary. Through a survey we conducted, we discovered the high demand for new experiences from travellers, which reiterates the need for personalisation. The vision is to allow users to create a social profile and indicate their interests and preferences and then use this social profile information to offer targeted event suggestions based on the available data.Also creating a clear audit trail to manage expenses - from trip submission through issuing itineraries- so that the traveller can distinguish between business and leisure expenses .

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