Covid-19 has taken the world by storm. This past month has been devastating for the United States, as well as the whole world, and Covid has forced businesses, small and large, to lay off their employees in this economic halt. We learned that more than 25 million individuals have filed for unemployment in the US alone, and that number is only increasing. Clearly, lots of individuals are in a tough spot, both mentally and financially; we wanted to help them by creating a platform to connect those in need to those who can help.

What it does:

Momentous is a cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding network that connects two types of users; those who need help and those who can give help. Those who can give help are considered individuals who have smart devices such as a laptop or a smartphone that are able to donate idle resources through in-app cryptocurrency mining. Those who need help are simply those who have been directly or indirectly affected by Covid-19, and are able to make a post describing their situation through an active internet connection and a decent smart device.

We have sectioned off our application into four features: Donations: The donations will be generated by in-app cryptocurrency mining, which is powered by MintMe, previously known as WebChain. MintMe is a cryptocurrency that promotes crowdfunding and it is based on a modified Lyra2 PoW hashing algorithm that is ASIC-resistant which causes it to run efficiently on a computer. All daily generated coins in the app’s wallet (mined by all of our privileged users) will be transferred to the poster’s wallet of the most upvoted help request at the end of the day. Help Wall: The help wall is an area where users in need can post a description, accompanied by pictures, that outlines where donations would go to. Every post requesting help has an upvote and downvote feature, which can be voted on by verified users. Reward System: Leaderboard showcasing daily top donators Badges would be awarded to top donators, which can be pinned in social media.

How we built it

Since Momentous will be supporting users globally, it’s built keeping the scalability and fault tolerance in mind. It’s backend is built on top of AWS Cloud Platform based on serverless technology. AWS cloudformation was used to build the infrastructure and AWS lambda was used to build the microservices. AWS cognito is used to support the authentication and authorization at user level. Edge optimized AWS API gateway is serving the API’s globally and DynamoDB is used as the back-end database to handle user requirements at any scale.

Challenges we ran into

Building this robust application in a very short period of time was a bit challenging. Integration of external web services like coinimp and building the donation pipeline for the cause while ensuring the user’s security and hardware safety were few challenges we ran into.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Building a crowd-sourced donation system where users are able to help good social causes using their spare/idle hardware resources not actual paper dollars from their pocket in 48 hours is something our whole team is proud of!

What we learned

The world is going through a crisis, and people are less likely to donate their hard earned physical currency, we learned this after finding multiple abandoned projects in a popular site like gofundme. So, finding a way for everyone to contribute to others' needs using their spare resources allows a much broader audience, of all ages, to donate whatever they can.

What's next for Momentous

We hope to develop Momentous into a full-blown community. We want to use it to help people manage their lives financially and otherwise. We want to implement a system that allows us to help them manage their budgets and lifestyles in a smart and safe way.We also want to make it easy for them to do so, by connecting their various accounts, bills and expenses so they can see everything in front of them. And while this concept isn't new, We also want to merge it with the community aspect of the application. If someone is up to their eyeballs in debt and could use a little bit of financial relief, we want to be there to help them out. If their expenses go beyond their income, the community can be a backbone. In this world, we always ought to pay it forward.

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