We were inspired by our mentors and our mutual interest in webdesign and mobile computing

What it does

Momento is mobile web application, that has responsive design allowing it to be desktop accessible. It allows the family caregiver to create a profile for each member of the family they require and journal day to day events. Momento allows for medication input, calendar view, report and data visualization, a tasks list, _ Quick Entry _, contact input and logging, and a resources guides.

How I built it

The team built an HTML5 page, using JQM/JQ/Bootstrap to create responsive design. We used a local XAMP server to run PHP, and mySQL to maintain the database.

Challenges I ran into

XML issues PHP issues CSS styling overlapping

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to come together in the end, and generate 80% of the application we envisioned 30 hours before hand.

What I learned

Scope Creep knows no mercy. No amount of pre-planning is enough and also prototype concepts.

What's next for Momento - CS #2 - Team: Glitch In The Matrix

We wait for the next Hack.

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