Increasingly we are seeing a trend towards virtualization of the world around us. It is now possible to capture the objects and events of day-to-day life, identify them by certain attributes, and preserve them for later use.

Rather than simply storing these memorable moments, our app allows people to share them with a unique location tag, enabling others within a certain radius of the location to view and appreciate them as well. "Upvoting" an image or video increases its lifetime and chance of being displayed to more users. It is in effect a geographically dynamic social media application, with different images and videos becoming available to people as they travel throughout the day.

Target users:
1) Tourists visiting foreign lands can view recent events and obtain a better idea of the culture and customs of the places they visit.
2) University students can view events as they reach different campus locations, watching significant events that have occurred there earlier that day.
3) Anyone wishing to gain a better and deeper understanding of his/her surroundings.

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