It started when I moved to Canada and I promised my mom to send her a message everyday to let her know that I am well and safe, with a Good Morning Mom message everyday. Consistent!! The reason I followed my promise to her, because I did not want her to worry about me. I thought how would I be able to not forget to let her know how I am doing and check up of her. That is how Moment Messenger idea came to be. To be able to sent schedule messages at any Time and Date. The problem I faced was that I did not know any programming languages and had zero background knowledge in computer science, and no one to lookUp to as a mentor to guide me on how to start this journey. So I started learning HTML and CSS baby steps, until I became able to add more languages to my stack and understand code.

What it does

It is an innovated Instant Messaging App that provides users with the convenience to schedule messages to be sent at any later Date and Time

How I built it

using IOS, JavaScript, Node.js, SWIFT, Firebase

Challenges I ran into

The Schedule Function was tricky and more advanced for my skill level which lead me to meet Peter Varga to help me make it happen.

Design patters ect Builder, Delegate

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building an Innovative messaging app that will serve people by providing convenience and organization

What I learned

Don't give up, and virtually any challenge you face someone out there would be able to help you get over it; if you find the right person.

What's next for Moment Messenger


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