Photo discovery platform driven by AI

A Project for HackSC 2019


Moment lets you navigate through your photo library through similar photos and search through your photo library with text and images.


Personal Reverse Image Search

Having trouble finding that picture of you at the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Use reverse image search with any picture of the famed landmark and find that moment in your own photo library!

Similar Image Explore

With Moment, you can explore your photo library through similar images.

Filter by Smart Tags

Moment automatically generates semantic tags for all of your images and allows you to filter by tags such as "Dog", "Ocean", "Mountains", etc.

Text Search

Moment lets you search through your library with text to help you find all those photos you took of your cat.

How it Works

  1. Users may upload images by dragging them into the application
  2. Images are passed through two separate deep learning models which provide tag data as well as feature vectors
  3. Images are indexed into Elasticsearch which allows filter by tag and vector similarity search using cosine distance
  4. You can explore your photo library through visually similar images, search and browse through intelligent albums using tags generated by the model


Moment is powered by the following technologies:

  • Google Cloud (AI Platform, Vision API, Google Cloud Storage, Kubernetes)
  • XCeption Convolutional Neural Network Architecture
  • Elastic Search
  • Flask (Backend Server)
  • Isotope.js (Tiling for frontend)
  • Dropzone.js (For easy file upload)

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