Moment is an Android app that helps sales-people close in-person, face-to-face deals.

Once Moment is launched, the sales person puts their phone on the table in front of them and let’s it listen to the conversation between themselves and the prospect. As the conversation proceeds, XM identifies key topics and surfaces relevant data from Salesforce, Dropbox, Linkedin and emails. Data is displayed on simple flashcards that adds context to the conversation as it happens. The user can swipe back to any previous card, or can click to see the full content in Salesforce or any of the other services the user has connected.

Xendo Moment puts relevant sales data in front of the sales person at exactly the right time to help them build better customer relationships, upsell and close the deal, it’s like having your whole sales team in the room with you and your data at your fingertips when you need it most.

Android source code available here:

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