Maternal mortality related issues growing around the world and 99% of deaths occur in developing countries. According to the report of UNFPA in South Asia, Pakistan has the highest maternal mortality rate. Also, in a report by WHO they state these deaths due to avoidable causes and negligence.

What it does

  • Keep the track of moms health and according to the week of pregnancy MomCare will provide suggestions
  • Provide access to instant information from doctors to whom they can reach through voice messages
  • Provide reliable content in the form of facts and videos by doctors
  • Send notifications to reminds you about the to-do things if you deviate from the track or about the new information that is available
  • Help the moms not only during the pregnancy but also after pregnancy for 1-year help you to avoid and tackle problems.

How we built it

We use InVision Studio and Android Studio in making our prototype.

Challenges we ran into

  • To bring doctors on board to collaborate with us and getting content from them in form of videos
  • In developing awareness in the middle-class community


  • Able to decrease the maternal mortality rate by creating awareness
  • Provide immediate solutions to the problems through professional advice
  • Able to Improve maternal health issues
  • Able to develop a User-friendly app

What we learned

This Hackathon enables us to use our skills to do something good for the community. Try things out of comfort zone, time management, teamwork, and networking are some of the skills we are able to polish here.

What's next for MomCare

We are planning to also solve post pregnancy and child care problem in the future.

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