As a student away from home, I did not have anyone that would nag me to complete tasks. The usual todo applications did not serve me well, since notifications can simply be swept away.

What it does

It is a todo list manager, that is integrated with facebook messenger. It will send you messages on facebook messenger once the tasks are due and therefore provides a more integrated solution to a students daily life. Namely, social media.

How we built it

We decided for a node.js backend for the facebook messenger bot, as there are provided frameworks that can be integrated quickly. For the NLP we're using, which allows us to do extractions with high accuracies, even with few examples. For the database and application backend we decided to use Firebase. Firebase includes a realtime database as well as cloud functions.

Challenges we ran into

The facebook API's use different uid's for each service and we therefore had to find a common uid, to connect the messages on facebook to the content displayed in the Web App.

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