My mom is in China while I study in US. My mom uses her computer in the bedroom to Skype with me. My mom doesn't know too much about computers - she usually had difficulty figuring out which of her ten browsers she should use to browse a link I sent her; she usually had difficulty picking one of her twenty media players to play a piece of music. My mom complains her computer is running slow. I want to talk to my mom about other things in life rather than fixing her computer in Skype.

This solution helps moms in the following way:

  • A Windows store app and a Windows service agent are deployed on mom's computer. These two components collect and report software installation and machine resource usage information on mom's computer. They also allow mom to pick up someone she trusts so that someone can help her with her computer, and take actions if necessary (such as silently install and uninstall software).
  • A Windows Azure cloud service pairs up a mom pc and a child pc and transfers commands.
  • Another Windows store app on the child PC sees everything running/installed on mom's computer. It can edit black/white-list so next time the mom's PC is connected to the cloud service, the Windows service agent will remove everything in the black list and install everything in the white list.
  • Mom's computer is saved, so is my Skype time.

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