According to American Pregnancy Association, there are 33% women who likely encountering depression during pregnancy. Even though it is explainable for maternal depression due to hormonal changes, chronic or major depression can severely influence mothers’ mental and physical health and even their children development. It is even more problematic for new parents with their first child. Factors relating to pregnancy anxiety can be included such as hormonal changes, financial issues, stressful events, unhealthy habits and relationship problems. In fact, these events are commonly experienced by people daily. Nevertheless, it is reported that pregnant women are three times tolerant and vulnerable once suffering them. Depression signs are usually expressed as persistent sadness, difficult concentrating, sleeping loss, interest lost in leisure activities, anxiety, feeling guilty or worthless, dietary malfunction. These consequences even continue after birth giving causing 15% mothers to have serious negative thoughts and decision like suicidality. Furthermore, depression can influence baby birth and development up to 12% chances of prematurity, low weight, psychological disorders.

What it does

On the other hand, pregnancy depression can possibly be addressed if pregnant women receive sufficiently nutrients, adequate rest and especially cares and support from family members. Therefore, MoM is a web app providing a chat bot to make friend with pregnant users. With MoM, pregnant users can share their problems in terms of feeling, diet, habit, leisure activity (music, mediation), entertainment desire and ask for available suggestions nearby. A MoM chatbot can also provide general information about pregnancy status as connect users to experts or therapist for further knowledge. In details, MoM allows users to involve their family members to receive information about her status, maternal health and desires. “It is not always be easy to tell about your problem with your people!”. MoM, for example, could remind husbands about their wife’s upcoming check-ups, maternal education classes. In addition, MoM will detect depression frequency within every week and send text messages to husbands so that they could provide cares and support on time. In short, MoM would like to apply efficiently technology provide real-me solutions, therapies, involve family members and reinforce family relationship.

How we built it

The web VR technology in MoM is inspired by Microsoft BabylonJS. Our main 3D VR scene is selected from Sketchfab. We were dealing with included adjusting cameras, lightening, designing and organizing input information which are images, sound. Detailed tutorials are available at by David Rousset. We also utilize multiple technologies from IBM Waston, Mapbox, Microsoft WebVR, Twilio

Challenges we ran into

The challenge part is to shaping our ideas and technologies as a complete framework.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Our developers learn IBM Waston Bot and Mapbox API, NodeJS from scratch. We efficiently divide the works on our team. We successfully implement the chat bot, utilize Mapbox API, Spotify and BabylonJS. The bot understands the request from user and successfully redirect user to the right place. The bot can also send texts to family member using Twilio.

What we learned

We learn to use IBM Waston intents. Publish our webVR to Microsoft Azure server. Be able to improve our skills on html, css and js. We used IBM Watson to build a chat bot that can talk to pregnant women to detach if she is under depression. From that, the bot can suggest multiple ways to distract her from bad feeling such as VR meditation visiting, going to restaurant, seeing doctor or going gym. It suggests the location, distance and steps to going there with multiple transition. We do have the challenge that we never try to dig in any API before. So we have hard time to test and decide but we are all good now.

What's next for MoM

Next step is to add voice bot to the framework.

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