We like eating candy. Catching candy in your mouth is fun. Wouldn't it be great if that were automated?

What it does

It launches candy into the users mouth when they raise their hand.

How we built it

We used acrylic to form a hopper, with a hole blocked by a solenoid. When the user raises their hand, a Microsoft Kinect signals an arduino to send a candy down the shoot, into the launcher. This whole thing rotates on a base to face the user's mouth at all times. The launcher spins and pinches the candy, sending it straight into the users mouth

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to make a slide for the M&M using a 3D printer, but ultimately couldn't due to the queue filling up. We instead used folded paper, but it wasn't sturdy enough and never successfully delivered the candy to the launcher

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The product reliably tracks the user and drops M&Ms into the launcher. It is very entertaining to use even though it doesn't launch them out of it.

What we learned

We should have started with the launcher and its chute before the software, hopper, and rotation mechanism, as that was a primary component of our project we couldn't get working

What's next for Mom's Spaghetti - An M&M launcher

We're going to complete it in our dorm, and leave it out on hall for everyone to enjoy/be annoyed by!

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