Mom&Pop was idealized during times of COVID, where many small businesses are going through hard times. Our business model is here to empower small businesses and new ideas without making drastic changes in their lives.

What it does

Our basic concept is similar to Airbnb, instead hosts being retail space owners and guests being online merchants. We post weekly themes for each retail space based on the season of the year, their location, and retail customers’ needs; and online merchants of the theme submit an application to showcase in the retail space. Then, retail customers, or virtually anyone, can vote for the merchants they’d like to see in the retail space.

Mom&Pop benefits all of the retail space owners, online merchants, and retail customers. Retail space owners can make more profits by renting out their retail space to us than to long-term tenants. Online merchants can then rent the retail space at a reasonable price for just a week. With support from us, they will be able to easily set up a pop-up store and gain lots of business insights. Lastly, retail customers will be happy to see and buy the products of their favorite online merchants in a real retail space, by voting on our platform.

We pay the retail space owners for renting their spaces, and the online merchants pay us for showcasing their products at one of our retail spaces for a week, which is where our margins come in.

How we built it

Our website is built with React and deployed using GitHub Actions. We used Three.js to represent the retail spaces in 3D on our website. We also utilized the Google Maps API to represent the stores near a location.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we ran into was, our partner Maksim getting very sick all of a sudden. Us being at GT lorraine, put us in undue pressure after we took on his tasks. We were able to implement every feature that we wanted without issue but it was stressful during the implementation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The 3D modeling system is fast and smooth. Allows for quick 3D mockups that runs natively on any web browser be it on phones or desktop computers. Our website is also very lightweight, monument to our skills as software engineers working in WebDev.

What we learned

Learned a lot of React! Designing mockups on the fly while editing videos with premiere pro. A lot of technical skills that helped us build the ideal hackathon project.

What's next for Mom&Pop

  • Utilize NCR POS system to handle sales and offer business insights to online merchants.
  • Use social media to remind users about upcoming pop-up stores and advertise to the locals.
  • Conduct consumer research to decide themes.
  • Retain popular businesses to keep with us for the future. Allow partnerships to form to help these businesses grow.
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