We wanted to do something fun, mixing Bitmojis and public Snapchat stories.

We were struggling to find an idea, so we decided to take inspiration from projects we liked, such as PlugDJ.

What it does

People can create events, and public stories near the area will be streamed to our web page. Whenever a Snapchat user is in the area, his/her Bitmoji also show up on our web page

How we built it

  • Serverless architecture, on Google Cloud Platform
  • VueJS front-end

Challenges we ran into

  • We needed feature that weren't provided by the official Snapchat SDK. So we had to reverse engineer the app to find out how we could use Snapchat's private API
  • One of our team member spent ~12h on this task, trying different techniques (proxy, dynamic code analysis, static code analysis, code injection...)
  • We didn't manage to use Snapchat's API, but we found another way to retrieve public stories, and decided to mock Snapchat's routes we needed (login, and friends location)
  • Working with serverless technologies
  • Deploying the backend using bests practices

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A front-end 100% in VueJS
  • Deploying our web page as a static web page, on as Google Cloud Bucket, with HTTPS-only, through CloudFlare
  • Implementing everything with Cloud Native technologies (Golang, Terraform, Serverless)
  • Even though we didn't manage to use the private API, we learnt a lot about modern mobile security


What's next for Mom I'm on TV

  • Real use of the API (and not just a mock)
  • Add a Twitter feed (with hashtags)
  • Animate Bitmojis
  • Giveway mechanism
  • Live reaction to stories

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